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The bubbles of Rosé Valentina and Rosé Mattia bear the signature of Le Magnolie and the name of the children of the head of the company, Francesco Lorenzon. The most innovative, made with red Raboso grapes as semi-sparkling (Rosé Valentina) or sparkling wine (Rosé Mattia). Both fresh, and young, they are suitable for aperitifs and social events. They also meet women’s tastes, a new target segment that is increasingly interested in the world of wine. Rosé Valentina can be combined with light dishes and should be served at 8-10°C. On the other hand, Rosé Mattia pairs well with appetizers and desserts, particularly cakes with cream or strawberries. Serve between 8°C and 6°C.

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    Rosé Frizzante Valentina IGT della Marca Trevigiana – Vini Le Magnolie

    Production Area: Our property Negrisia vineyards Estate soil geocomposition: Medium light clayey soil structure contained in a shale and stone skeleton. Training technique: “Spalliera” and Guyot 2800 plants / hectare Harvest / Vendemmia period: Beginning of October Vinification method: Metodo Italiano (Martinotti- Charmat). Careful grape collection and delicate pressing. Grapes remain in the juice just […]

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    Rosé Spumante Mattia IGT della Marca Trevigiana

    Production area: From our vineyards in Negrisia Soil: Alluvial, loose, draining with bands of clay of medium mixture for the many floods of the river Piave Cultivation: Espalier row Harvest: Manual, yield 150 q per hectare Vinification: Soft pressing, cleaning of the must, light maceration followed by fermentation at controlled temperature Second fermentation: Charmat method […]

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