Le Magnolie

Le Magnolie

The Company Le Magnolie is headquartered in Negrisia, in the Town of Ponte di Piave, in the rolling countryside of the Veneto Region.

Now in its third generation of winegrowers, Le Magnolie vineyard offers its customers a product that can triumph over the palate, evoking emotions, fragrant with respect for the earth, dedication, tradition and hard work.

Going back to its origins, Le Magnolie was established in 1932 by Francesco Lorenzon. The founder had already spent years collaborating with local wineries, as well as having had the privilege of taking part in the diffusion of “Incrocio Manzoni”, a wine which later became characteristic of the Treviso area and Italy. The land purchased by the founder was the embryo of a Company that would continue to develop; in fact, the property was inherited in 1955 by his children, including Sante – nicknamed Toni – and Tarcisio.

During that period, the previously mentioned Manzoni and the Rabosi Piave, with a robust flavor, typical wines of the Piave River area, were specifically kept. Over the years the customers increased, ranging, in Northern Italy, from Trieste to Turin, creating a bond of trust, almost of friendship with the Lorenzon family. Harvest days spent in the company of the owners and the customers, waiting for evening to fall to share dinner with those who had helped with the harvest, are still fondly remembered today. The harvest, which is the basis of the craft of those who love wine, was a festive time rather than labor.

The transitioning of management to Francesco, the founder’s grandson, occurred in 1994 and is the necessary leap towards international business. “Le Magnolie” has decided to make itself known through new advertising and commercial channels, taking part at the recent Milan Expo and Aquae Venice Expo, at Vinitaly and in competitions organized in the Veneto region, demonstrating the quality of our wines with medals and great mentions.

Winegrowers and Winemakers

Wine is a passion that comes from the earth. Wine is a story of hard work that has been handed down for generations. Venetian know-how, and even deeper secrets enshrining the tradition of Le Magnolie, are the most precious legacy that is handed down from generation to generation. We never stop learning and growing, this is perhaps the greatest value of the company. Humility and attention to detail are the keys to success of Le Magnolie Wines.

Today, Francesco Lorenzon is leading with commitment, as a renowned winemaker and sommelier in charge of wine production. He received his Degree in Oenology in 1985, at the historical Oenology School of Conegliano G.B. Cerletti, expanding his experience in the family business and in cooperative and private cellars of the Treviso area. He also served as President of the Consortium “Tra i Ponti del Piave”, producer of the wines Di’verno Rosso and Di’verno Bianco. He carries an important name, the same as the first winemaker and founder of Le Magnolie, his grandfather, who founded the company in the late nineteenth century.

The Vineyards

The vineyards producing Le Magnolie wines extend over the magnificent plains of Treviso, in the lands watered by the Piave River. The latter is really an indispensable resource for the land that is home to the vineyards. The climate and weather conditions are the best for growing excellent grapes. The chemical composition of the soil gives the grapes character and a delicate aromatic bouquet. These important features, combined with modern production methods and respect for tradition, have allowed the Company to improve over time and offer high quality wines: still wines, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines, also exported to foreign countries such as Japan, the United States, England, Sweden, and Germany. Le Magnolie, which has always focused on innovation, pays keen attention to the environment and technology. The first steps were taken between 1994 and 1999, when our company was the second in the Treviso area to reduce synthetic chemical fertilizers (according to Law 2078). From a technological point of view, we have created new wine-making methods and division of production stages. In fact, since 2000, the chain of production for bottling and packaging of the product, was completed.

Awards and Recognition

The Company has participated in the most important wine exhibitions such as Vinitaly and the National Wine Competition “Spumanti d’Italia” [Sparkling wines of Italy] competition (Bronze ribbon with Rosé Spumante), obtaining excellent results. The Company is also part of the new Consorzio Vini DOC Venezia [Venice DOC Wine Consortium] .

The “Unicorno Dogale per L’Enologia” [“The Doges Unicorn for Oenology”] from the Brotherhood of the Doges.

The bronze medal for its Dry Rosè Spumante “Mattia”, at the eighth National Sparkling Wine Competition in Italy.

Great mentions for participating in Vinitaly.

The “Marengo d’Oro” [“Gold Marengo”] for the Raboso Rosè in 2013.

The “Marengo d’Oro” [“Gold Marengo”] in September 2012, winning first place in the V.S.Q. sparkling wine category with the Raboso Rosè at the 22nd Event.

The Golden Chalice at the 42nd Exhibition of Superior Wines of Piave Livenza of the City of Fontanelle, Treviso, in July 2012, for the highest score obtained by the sum of the 4 best wines presented at the exhibition.

The Gold Medal at the 38th edition of the Wine Exhibition held from March 16 to April 1, 2012 by the Municipal Administration of Vazzola – Pro Loco Visnà, Treviso, for Cabernet Franc MT IGT 2011.

“Raboso del Sindaco”  [“Raboso of the Mayor”] Achievement Award in 2003.

Multiple Enoconegliano awards, and many others.

Winning first place in the V.S.Q. sparkling wine category with the Raboso Rosè at the 20th Event.

Winning first place in the V.S.Q. sparkling wine category with the Raboso Rosè at the 20th Event.

Marengo d’oro
The “Unicorno Dogale per L’Enologia” [“The Doges Unicorn for Oenology”]

The “Unicorno Dogale per L'Enologia” ["The Doges Unicorn for Oenology"]

Brotherhood of the Doges
The bronze medal for its Dry Rosè Spumante “Mattia”

The bronze medal for its Dry Rosè Spumante “Mattia”

eighth National Sparkling Wine Competition in Italy
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