Winery Le Magnolie

Le Magnolie winery finds its historic roots in the vineyards by the river Piave. Family-run since the beginning of the activity, Le Magnolie’s identity lives on through the cult of work and the intense passion for the grape and its derivatives. Now at the fifth generation, Le Magnolie winery still does its best to safeguard and protect the Earth offering you a brand new line of organic products. However, we also want to put the spotlight on our “Classics” that you do not want to miss, like the Prosecco DOCG and Prosecco Doc Treviso.

Our wines

The territoriality of our products is paramount to give an identity to our work, that is why all our products received certifications depending on each cultivation area they come from. Our goal is to make wines that can stick to the memories of the taster and that reflect all the sacrifice and passion we put into our work every day.

Spotlight on

Prosecco spumante DOCG extra dry BRUT "De Tony" - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie

Prosecco spumante docg extra dry

Brut “De Toni”
0.75 litre bottle

€ 7,50
Prosecco spumante DOC extra dry BRUT Treviso - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie


Brut Treviso
0.75 litre bottle

€ 6,50
Rosé spumante extra dry BRUT Mattia - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie

Rosé spumante extra dry

Brut “Mattia” 0.75 litre bottle
€ 5,50
Rosé spumante extra dry Patry - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie

Rosé spumante extra dry

0.75 litre bottle

€ 6,00
Pinot grigio DOC delle Venezie - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie

pinot grigio doc delle venezie

0.75 litre bottle
€ 5,10
Prosecco spumante DOC extra DRY biologico - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie

prosecco spumante doc extra dry biologico

Special BIO SELECTION 0.75 litre bottle
€ 8,00
Dove siamo - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie

Where are we?

Le Magnolie winery places itself rightbetween Treviso and Venice, which are both crossed by the river Piave by the way. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to receive the benefits of the water of this river, which provide us with fruitfulness and unique nutrients.
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