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The vineyards from which Le Magnolie’s wines are produced extend within the beautiful plains of Treviso and are touched by the river Piave. This river represents an essential resource for the soil where our vineyards lay. The climate and the weather permit us to provide the best quality of grapes for our products.
The chemical composition of the soil gives the grapes a delicate but persistent aromatic bouquet. These important features, together with modern techniques of production and the respect for the tradition, made the company manage to better its standards and offer quality wines as the time goes by: still wines, sparkling wines and “spumanti”, exported abroad in Japan, the USA, England, Sweden and Germany.
Le Magnolie takes always serious matters of innovation and technology. In 1994 and 1999, we became the second winery in the Venetian territory to move away from the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers. In 2019 we launched our very own brand new organic line of products (BIO line). From a technological point of view there have been elaborated new methods of winemaking and stages of production.

Vigneto d'inverno - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie

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