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Le Magnolie

Going right back to the beginnings, Le Magnolie was founded by Francesco Lorenzon Sr. in 1932.
The founder had already experienced working in a winery, working with different firms of the area. He even had the privilege to participate to the expansion of the “Incrocio Manzoni”, which would have become one of the all-time classics of Italian and Venetian wines in the following decades.
The first area purchased by the founder was just the foundation for the brand new winery that will become bigger and bigger as in 1955 the sons of the founder took control of the activity. Today, one is still working here and giving guidance to the new generations, his name is Sante, but you can call it “Tony”.

Grappolo d'uva - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie
Vigneto - Azienda agricola Le Magnolie

During that span of time, the wines produced were the most classic ones, like the Manzoni and the Raboso Piave, a red wine with a particularly strong taste. Through the years customers increased. From Trieste to Torino, they all were treated like friends from our family and we developed a strong bond with each and every one of them. Some of them were even invited to the vintages and by the end of each day of the harvest they celebrate with us drinking wine at dinner, and we will never forget the memories that came from these incredible friendships. Together we turned the hard work into a party-time, and this is what to us has to represent our winery and our work, a pleasure. The “passing of the torch” to Francesco Lorenzon Jr., the grandson of the founder, came in 1994 and it represented the beginning of an expansion out of the boundaries of Italy for the little winery from Negrisia. “Le Magnolie” started to become a real international “brand” and through commercials and new channels of communication, Le Magnolie managed to touch the soil of the Expo 2015 in Milan, the Expo Acquae Venezia and the most famous and celebrated festival of wine in Italy, the Vinitaly, taking home some really appreciated awards and acknowledgements.

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